the saga is to end

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For more the five years the International Barents Secretariat has used the platform of BarentSaga for regular and topical publications about Barents cooperation. It was the then Executive Officer Anna Lund who suggested launching a web-based journal to give voice to a deeper knowledge about what is going on in our network.

The first issue was published in 2010 and since then we have come out with 15 editions. The idea itself - that there is a need for publications that are not only a blink and a click away but give time for slow reading and reflections - is still valid. I believe that there is an even greater need for information that goes deeper and gives the reader new knowledge that they can use practically.

There have, during the years, been many very interesting articles in the BarentSaga. The problem is that they have not found enough readers. I think that that is something we share with many newsletters of similar organisations like us. There are a lot of subscribers, but only a few of them open the newsletters and even fewer click on the different articles to actually read them.

There is too much effort put behind every each article in the BarentSaga to let them just pass through. We need to find another way to reach our audience. In the meantime we also need to serve our working groups and all other stakeholders with information on what’s happening in our network on a daily basis. The results of our recent Communication and Cooperation project also indicate that the exchange of information is not sufficient. With our limited resources we always have to ask ourselves, not only if we do things right but also if we do the right thing.

We are currently being more active on social media and that has led to a doubling of visitors to our website. I hope that this good trend will also help us find a way back to reach our slow readers and create a new platform for the previous Saga Articles.

With this last BarentSaga editorial I wish you all a very Good Christmas and a Happy New Year and warm welcome back in 2017!

Tomas Hallberg

Head of the International Barents Secretariat


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