Joint Barents Transport Plan 2013

All people who are travelling or doing business in the Barents region know that the lack of transport connections in East-West direction. Especially regular air service represents a major obstacle to the conduct of cooperation across the borders.
Therefore it is noteworthy that the Steering Committee of the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area (BEATA) initiated a Joint Barents Transport Plan in 2012 which was drawn up in the first eight months of 2013. This groundbreaking Plan covers all transport modes.

The Barents Transport Ministers, who convened on 23 September 2013 in Narvik, focused on this document that was presented and discussed at length at the ministerial meeting. The participants were acquainted also with a regional transport plan, the Barents Freeway project that complements the former.

Even though the Joint Barents Transport Plan is not binding for the Barents Member States it is evident that this document on the main border-crossing corridors in the Barents region and on measures and recommendations will prove itself indispensable for the further development of transport in the High North.

Ari Sirén

More info:
BEAC Ministers of transport and infrastructure, 24 September 2013, Narvik, Norway
Joint Barents Transport Plan 2013

Map from the "Joint Barents Transport Plan 2013"


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