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Dear Readers of the BarentsSaga newsletter,

You may well remember that I have earlier lamented the lack of transport connections in the East-West direction in the Barents region. However, there is also a delightful development in this field, namely the new air route between Oulu, Luleå and Tromsø which will become operational already in January 2015. In this Christmas issue of the newsletter you can read about the Barents Freeway project that has now been completed. Hopefully we can witness air service to come about, say, also between Archangelsk and Oulu or Rovaniemi in the not too distant future.

You can also read an interview of my Swedish successor, Mr Tomas Hallberg, who will take over the IBS on 16 January 2015.

It remains for me to say goodbye to all keen BarentSaga readers and thank our partners at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, particularly Ms Jenni Lintula for her efforts to think up ideas to be turned into articles!

Ari Sirén, Head of the International Barents Secretariat
December 2014

Barents Profile: Tomas Hallberg

Tomas Hallberg from Sweden will start his post as the head of the International Barents Secretariat in the middle of January 2015. He will succeed Ari Sirén from Finland, whose three-year term will come to its end in January.


hallberg kuva - 200.jpg

Short news & link tips to Barents:

Step towards the Joint BarentsTransport Strategy

The transport infrastructure can be developed to respond to new challenges that arise in the Arctic and Northern periphery. The general outcome of the strategy work, made in the Barents Freeway project, is that the Barents Region is perceived as a whole with the common strategic objectives of the transport system development.




Arctic Airlink connects Northern Scandinavia

Now it’s finally official: the route between Oulu, Luleå and Tromsø will start operating on the 12th of January 2015. The Arctic Airlink is a whole new route connecting Northern university cities in Finland, Sweden and Norway five times per week.








How is the Barents transport seen by people living and moving in the region?

BarentSaga asked from four persons living in the different parts of the Barents region for their opinion about the transport in the region. How is the Barents transport seen by Barents people living and moving in the region?

 galluppi ryhmakuva.jpg

Questionnaire to NGOs and other civil society actors
in the Barents region

BThe non-governmental organizations and other civil society actors in the Barents region are invited to fill in the questionnaire at the website of the International Barents Secretariat regarding their cross-border project financing. The answers will contribute to gathering information concerning the financial needs, the existing financing sources and the possible financing gaps in cross-border cooperation of NGOs and other civil society actors.

surveying pieni.jpg 

Photo by Kamil Jagodzinski / Arctic Centre

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