First Barents Editors’ Forum in Kirkenes

    Journalists in Barents Region have had cooperation for already over 20 years in Barents Press International but their bosses have never really met with each other – not until October 2nd 2013, that is. Then the Barents Mediasphere project organized the first ever meeting of editors-in-chief from the Barents Region.

    About 15 editors or vice editors from all four Barents countries came to Kirkenes for getting to know each other, for networking and for sharing of best practices. Among participants were newspapers, TV and radio channels and news portals from Oulu, Kemi, Rovaniemi, Luleå, Kirkenes, Murmansk, Apatity and Archangelsk. Even more would have wanted to come but time consuming travels or last minute emergencies in the media branch did not allow that.

    “Every media house we contacted was very positive to the idea of having a Barents Editors meeting. Even if regional media has to concentrate much reporting the local news there obviously is a great interest for having news stories from across the borders. The question is now how to make it more possible”, says the Head of the Science communications Markku Heikkilä from the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. He acts as the manager in the Barents Mediasphere project.

    In Kirkenes, the editors had discussions ranging from general Barents and Arctic topics to media situations, data journalism and news exchange practices. There was a general will to meet again and the Barents Mediasphere project works for making that possible next year in Rovaniemi.

    Barents Mediasphere project is funded by the Kolarctic ENPI program. Partners are Arctic Centre, TVMurman and BarentsObserver, which had made the practical arrangements for the Editors Forum – including a short king crab safari.

    More stories and pictures from the meeting:

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    Photos from the 1st Barents Editors' Forum in Kirkenes by Arctic Centre in Flickr





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