Barents Profile - Harald Dovland

The Barents Euro-Arctic Region is vast but vulnerable in terms of climate change, which affects all its parts and in the long run can further aggravate certain existing threats to the security of our common Barents region.

The 4th draft Action Plan on climate change for the Barents region is expected to be adopted by the Barents Foreign Ministers in Tromsø at the end of October, 2013. Climate Change is, certainly, a very serious and important issue and therefore it must be dealt with by all member states in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

Here below BarentsSaga Readers can meet a person behind the work on the Action Plan, whose contribution cannot be overestimated. Mr. Harald Dovland, Consultant of the “Carbon Limits”, was requested by the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment to take part in a process to develop a draft Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents region.

Mr. Dovland, you are now working in the Carbon Limits in Oslo. What are you doing there?

"I joined Carbon Limits ( when I retired from the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment in 2011. I had been with the Ministry since 1995 working on international climate change issues, first of all as Chief Negotiator for Norway. At Carbon Limits, I have continued to work on various climate change issues, with a particular emphasis on following international developments."

In what ways “Carbon Limits” is contributing to the Barents Cooperation?

"Carbon Limits is a consulting company with experience in climate change policies, emission reduction project identification and development, and emissions trading schemes. Carbon Limits works in close collaboration with the private sector, government, international organizations and others to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We consist of a highly experienced team of economists and technical experts with deep insight in climate policies and carbon markets, combined with local know-how and networks within the company’s geographical target areas. The company has extensive expertise in the oil and gas and traditional energy sector issues and how they relate to climate change policies.

In the case of the Barents region, we were requested by the Ministry of the Environment to take part in a process to develop a draft Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents region. Climate change will affect all parts of the society and it was therefore important to involve all working groups within the Barents cooperation in the work. Our role was therefore not to create the plan, but to prepare it on the basis of input from the working groups and in contact with the Ministry of the Environment. "

You have been involved with the Barents Euro-Arctic Council’s Action Plan for Climate Change. In your perspective, why is it important to make such a plan?

"It seems extremely difficult to avoid climate change that will have an impact on all sectors. Reducing climate change requires global cooperation and action from all of us. But at the regional and local level it is very important to be prepared for the changes in order to minimize the impacts and in that context an action plan is important", says Mr. Harald Dovland, Consultant of the “Carbon Limits”.

Mr. Harald Dovland also emphasizes the importance of educating the public on the climate change issue and hopes the BarentsSaga readers will study the plan, reflect on how they can contribute to its implementation, and participate in any local processes that may be launched.

 Text by Angelina Kochegura / IBS


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When did your interest for the Barents start and how did you get involved in the Barents Cooperation, Mr. Harald Dovland, Consultant of the “Carbon Limits”?

"I have followed the development of the Barents cooperation from the “outside” since its establishment. My only direct involvement before the work on the draft action plan was participation at the Conference on Climate Change in the Barents Region, held in Vadsø in September 2009."


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