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In this issue of the BarentsSaga newsletter you can read about such topical issues as climate change, the first Barents Editors’ Forum and the biennial Barents rescue exercise. Climate change affects the High North and eventually also us in one way or another. No wonder that this global phenomenon hits the headlines so often in the media. Climate change has numerous consequences. The Barents Euro-Arctic Council has drawn up an Action Plan on Climate Change which is neither a binding nor a mandatory document, but which is a contribution to efforts in other international fora. The Action Plan is expected to be adopted at ministerial level still in 2013. You can also get to know Mr. Harald Dovland, the person behind the Action Plan who was engaged by the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment to deal with this task.

You can read also about the Barents Mediasphere project on cooperation of the press, radio, television and news portals in the Region. The report of the Barents Rescue 2013 is almost thrilling reading - like watching a speedy horror film! Finally, you can learn what kind of a communications survey has recently been made by the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi. In my opinion there is a great deal of edifying reading in this issue of the BarentsSaga, I hope you enjoy it!

Ari Sirén, Head of the International Barents Secretariat
October, 2013

Climate change in the Barents region

The Arctic region will warm more rapidly than the global mean. Also the Barents region is affected by these changes. But what has changed in the nature? What kind of impacts the climate chance can have for nature in the future and how does it affect to us Barents people in the future?
 Photo:Arto Vitikka /Arctic Centre

Barents Editors' Forum

Barents journalists have had cooperation for over 20 years but their bosses have never really met with each other – not until October 2nd 2013. Then the Barents Mediasphere project organized the 1st  editors-in-chief meeting. 



Recent communications survey revealed
the traditional results

The Barents cooperation communications survey   was conducted in May – June 2013. The results show that face to face talks are the most important communications channel and that changing climate interests Barents people.
13 kysymys (kohta 3_2)_ pylväsdiagrammi.jpg

Barents Rescue 2013

A massive and devastating rockslide was the background scenario for Barents Rescue 2013 exercise, which took place in mid-September in Troms County, Norway. The aims of Barents Rescue 2013 were to improve cooperation between countries in the region.

Barents Profile - Harald Dovland

Meet a person behind the work on the Action Plan on climate change for the Barents region. Mr. Harald Dovland, Consultant of the “Carbon Limits”, was requested by the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment to take part in a process to develop a draft Action Plan.   
 Harald Dovland.jpg

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Harald Dovland, Henna Haapala, Markku Heikkilä, Roy Hojem, Angelina Kochegura, Stéphanie C. Lefrère, Jenni Lintula, Thomas Nilsen, Ari Sirén, Kari Viertola and Arto Vitikka.


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