International science journal for the Barents region

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland has received Kolarctic ENPI funding to start a two-year project to develop an international academic publication, the Barents Journal. The idea of the Barents Journal is to provide scientific knowledge and latest research news related to developmental processes within the Barents Region as well as socio-economic, political, environmental developments, and thus providing information outside and within the programme area.

The project aims to promote research co-operation and popularization of research results in the Barents Region by sharing topical scientific news through the Barents Journal. At the same time the purpose is to expand the understanding of the Barents Region as a global, social, political and in economic context”, says project leader, research professor Monica Tennberg from the Arctic Centre.

The Barents Journal: Peoples, Economies and Politics will be published twice a year electronically and as well as in paper version. The first Journal is due to release in fall 2013. The Journal will contain three peer-reviewed scientific articles, also including reviews on recent regionally relevant books, news, announcements, presentations of institutions and significant projects, as well as one popularized article per volume. Since the journal would include articles on arts & design, there is possibility for some pictures, photographs and such to be included into journal. The journal is for researchers, students and readers interested in development in the Barents region.

There is no similar academic journal specific to the Barents region available at the moment so the project is significant. The Barents Journal also provides opportunities for cross-border cooperation via publication and shared editorship circulating among partner institutes from the Barents Region”, says research professor Monica Tennberg.

Project leader is the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland. The project partners are the Institute for Economic Studies and the Barents Institute at the University of Tromsø in Norway.

More information:
Research professor Monica Tennberg, Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland
Tel. +358 400 192 005, monica.tennberg (at)


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