Don’t miss Horizon 2020! Great funding potential for the Barents Region

The need for project funding is an issue mentioned repeatedly at various Barents meetings. A problem for project work is that Interreg and ENPI programs do not allow for all of the Barents’ member regions to participate on equal conditions.

Content wise, we all know that the Barents cooperation work highlights areas such as climate change, transport, energy, and development and growth within various sectors, which are hot topics for cross border research and innovation in the Region.

For these reasons the Horizon 2020 holds a lot of potential for Barents projects. It is not restricted to an area leaving out parts of the Region, and it coincides with most of the prioritized Barents topics directly connected to both assets and challenges in the Region.

Horizon 2020 is a framework program for research and innovation, and international cooperation, in a wide range of areas facing challenges. Relevant for the Barents Region is also that the Horizon 2020 emphasizes strong participation of small and medium sized enterprises. The program has a budget of 80 million € and runs during the period of 2014-2020.

Lars Wikman, Senior Adviser at the North Sweden European Office, presented the Program to all the 13 members regions in both the Regional Committee and the Regional Council earlier this year.

Please, do not hesitate to contact Lars Wikman at the North Sweden European Office, +46 70 5555 117


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