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Dear BarentSaga Readers!

Hopefully I am not the only history freak who is thrilled by the mere thought of getting a grip on a copy of the Barents History, a book to be published in 2013 as a collective work of Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian scholars. It will be a unique history book because Mr Lars Elenius, history professor from Northern Sweden, has set the aim to encompass Barents history from an international and interregional point of view. But I don’t want to pre-empt the pleasure of our readers to learn more about this Barents project themselves from the horse’s mouth.

As the Barents Cooperation generates a large number of different projects a major problem tends to be their financing. Where to seek funding for a new project? Presumably an article on the Horizon 2020 can help potential applicants. This relates also to other project-related contributions released in this BarentSaga newsletter.

Even though I have highlighted only two themes above it doesn’t mean that the remainder of a wide range of articles would not be interesting – quite to the contrary! I wish our readers enjoyable Barents reading!

And last but not least - please don’t miss our new project page on The IBS invites you all to tell us about your ongoing Barents projects so that they can be included on our project page for everyone to see.

Ari Sirén, Head of the International Barents Secretariat
November, 2012

Clear message from the Barents youth

Visa issues, lack of Barents identity, the need for improved language education, and making young residents more active, are the most significant challenges for young people in the Barents Region, concluded 30 participants in a recent youth workshop. Read more >>

Uncovering Barents History – connecting the past with the present

Trade, the Sámi culture, open borders, and the living conditions in the North are some of the characteristics that brought people close to each other already many decades ago in the area that in 1993 was named the Barents Region. But despite the long-standing relations there is a historical gap between the past and the dynamism of our times.  Read more >>

Barents Freeway

The Barents Freeway is a project aimed at economic and social development of local communities in the Kolarctic area through optimization of transport infrastructure on the basis of the Common Barents Region Transport Strategy.   Read more >>

Don't miss Horizon 2020 funding potential!

The need for project funding is an issue mentioned repeatedly at various Barents meetings. The Horizon 2020 is not restricted to an area leaving out parts of the Region, and it coincides with most of the prioritized Barents topics directly connected to both assets and challenges in the Region. Read more >>

International science journal for Barents region

The idea of the Barents Journal is to provide scientific knowledge and latest research news related to developmental processes within the Barents Region as well as socio-economic, political, environmental developments, and thus providing information outside and within the programme area.    Read more >>

Huge opportunity for 100 young entrepreneurs

A project for young entrepreneurs in the Barents Region a few years ago concluded that it played a crucial role for business and personal development, motivation, networking, and also the potential for cross-border business establishment. This year a new project for young entrepreneurs is finally coming together with 25 participants.  Read more >>

Barents Profile - Elena Larinova

The Murmansk based journalist Elena Larionova is playing a crucial role in cross border contacts between journalists in the Barents Region. Read more >>

Promoting communication across the borders

Communication between journalists across the borders will get a boost during the coming two years. The recently started Barents Mediasphere project focuses on deepening cross-border relations in media and information flow in the region.   Read more >>

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Contributed to this issue:  Anna Lund, Jenni Lintula, Arto Vitikka, Irina Shutova, Irina Nazarova, Sari Roininen, Ari Siren, Lars Elenius, Ola Flyum, Markku Heikkilä and Virpi Komulainen


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