In the BarentSaga 2/2011

Lately, a great deal of the focus of the Barents Cooperation has been to raise the Barents Region on EU agendas. Time will tell to what extent the efforts have been successful, but one thing is clear: the Barents Cooperation is not only an instrument for cross border cooperation within the Region, but is also operative resource in promoting the Region elsewhere. The 2/2011 issue of the newsletter BarentSaga features some of the events, people and topics devoted to this process. BarentSaga will come back to this subject in later issues.

It is important to point out that exchange of methods and techniques in the social sector is equal part in the Barents Cooperation and not labeled aid. Therefore BarentSaga has also chosen to highlight the outstanding Norwegian contribution and engagement in the social field on youth and children at risk.

The BarentSaga also highlights tourism and non-energy raw materials as they are two key featuers for a prosperous future of the Barents Region.

Contributors to BarentSaga 2/2011: Pål-Christian Bergstrøm, Aileen Espiritu, Roy Hojem, Anneli Jansson, Marjo Laukkanen, Anna Lund, Emil Strand, Tuomo Silvenius, Arto Vitikka, Mari Vähäkuopus, Steffen Weber & Gustav Winstrand.


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