The 2/2011 issue of the BarentSaga newsletter

The BarentSaga is published by the International Barents Secretariat and the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland.

Lately a great deal of the focus of the Barents Cooperation has been to raise the Barents Region on EU agendas. Read more >>

Barents parliamentarians and organizations from Nordic countries and Russia met in Luleå

The growing global demand for raw materials makes the future look very bright for the Barents Region, said Swedish Minister of Trade, Eva Bjorling, when speaking at the 5th Barents Parliamentarian Conference in Luleå, May 18, 2011.   Read more >>

Co-operation program for troubled children and youth

The troubled children and youth have many similarities in different parts of the Barents Region, like lack of adequate parental care, adaptation difficulties towards school or pro-social groups, aggression or drug problems.   Read more >>

Tackling the raw materials challenge –
Why the Barents Region is the key to Europe’s economic future

EU-parliamentarians, European Commission staff, industry representatives and others gathered on 15 March 2011 for a Seminar on the Barents Region and its potential to help tackle Europe’s strategic raw materials challenge.  Read more >>

Joining forces in tourism development

Today tourism as an industry plays an important role in the economy in all of the Barents countries. BART, the Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism project, aims at reinforcing the cross-border cooperation of the Barents Region's tourism stakeholders in education, administrations, and the business sector.   Read more >>

Tracking down the history of the settlement in the Barents Region

The story begins after the Second World War – or to be more precise, it really begins over 10 000 years ago. Who were the first pioneers of the Barents Region? When and where did they come from?    Read more >> 

Towards improved coordination between the four Councils of the North

The Barents Institute at the University of Tromsø and University of Tampere have been assigned to analyze the cooperation between the Councils of the North providing decision makers with recommendations for future actions.   Read more >>

Barents Cooperation on the growing EU-Arctic agenda

Perhaps a shift in policy is a too strong word to use, but it is clear that the North is getting a lot more attention these days than only a few years ago.     Read more >>

Barents Rescue Exercise: Making the region a safer place

Large distances, long and cold winters, sparsely populated areas, and last but by no means least national borders, make the Barents Region a challenge in rescue operations.  Read more >>
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