Kolarctic salmon project (2011-13)

Trilateral cooperation on our common resource; the Atlantic salmon in the Barents region

  • Combined project of scientists, managers and commercial fishermen from northern Norway, Finland and northwest Russia
  • Funded by the EU Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme and national funding, 2011-2013
  • Aim to provide a better knowledge-base for the countries salmon management
  • Bio-specimen were sampled along the North-Norwegian coast and in Russian Barents and White Seas generating the most comprehensive ecological and genetic datasets for Atlantic salmon.
  • Provided comprehensive information on the salmon rivers and populations in the area including genetic diversity
  • Facilitated a better understanding of the rich fishing traditions, coastal and Sami culture of the area
  • Results provide opportunities for developing knowledge-based adaptive management regimes for coastal salmon fisheries.
  • Final reports provide comprehensive and detailed information on:
    • The genetic structure of salmon from northern Europe and Russian Barents and White Sea area
    • Detailed information on the home river/ -region of individual salmon caught in the coastal fishery
    • Spatial and temporal migratory patterns for salmon stocks in the project area
    • Descriptions of northern salmon stock ecology, management regimes and effects of salmon and climate change
    • New knowledge to assist a more precise and informed regulatory measures in the Barents Sea area, in the future
    • Tools for management authorities on how to ensure a future sustainable exploitation of the northernmost Atlantic salmon populations in Europe

 More information:

Ansten Mathisen_North Cape Northern Norway_2011_Photo Eero Niemelä.jpg

Ansten Mathisen takes part of the project
near North Cape on 2011​. Photo: Eero Niemelä

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