Future plans for the Cleantech summit and the Forest summit

Working Group on Economic Co-operation

  • Three priorities have been highlighted during the Finnish Chairmanship in the Working group on Economic cooperation: cleantech knowledge, sustainable mineral industry and cross-border business cooperation in the Barents region.
  • The main event regarding the priorities cleantech knowledge and sustainable mineral industry will be the conference “Cleantech Innovations in Mineral Production” taking place in Helsinki 10 September 2015. The conference is organized as an integral part of the Global Cleantech Summit 2015.
  • The Conference will discuss on opportunities clean technologies have to provide towards sustainable minerals sector. Topics will cover the minerals' value chain including exploration, extraction, processing, refining and recycling. Extraction of minerals in the vulnerable Arctic condition will also be addressed.
  • For further information: http://www.globalcleantechsummit.fi/
  • The aim has been also to enhance the contacts and cooperation between different Barents working groups.

Forest Sector Network

  • The main focus of the Barents Forest Sector Network activities in 2015 is to plan and organize a Barents forest forum.
  • The main goal of the forum is to provide a common platform for forest sector stakeholders in the BEAC region in order to promote opportunities for commercial and scientific cooperation.
  • The main theme of the forum is related to the development of sustainable forest management and mitigation of climate change in the Barents region. More precisely, topics deal with forest based livelihoods, such as renewable forest-based bioenergy and wood construction, as well as risks and possibilities related to forests and climate change.
  • The forum will be organized in Joensuu, Finland, 18-19 September.
  • For further information: Tatu Torniainen, Ministry of Agriculture (tatu.torniainen[at]mmm.fi) and Forestry and Pasi Poikonen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (pasi.poikonen[at]luke.fi)

 Texts by Tuulia Väliheikki and Tatu Torniainen​​

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