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According to the calendar the spring should now set in. Not so in Kirkenes where we have seen snow flurries during the first week of May. But the BarentSaga heralds spring!

All netizens can now read the Barents Profile of Ms Christina Henriksen who has recently been chosen as the new Chairman of the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples and get acquainted with Ms Tuuli Ojala, Climate, Environment and Hot Spots Adviser who joined the team of the International Barents Secretariat in January. Ms Anna Afanasyeva, our Indigenous Peoples´ Adviser soon to return to Tromsø for post-graduate studying, has written an article on the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Project 2, Indigee for short. There is also reading on the Arctic Business Forum that took place in March 2014 in Rovaniemi and on a Barents Mediasphere meeting attended by a group of young Finnish journalists in April in Kirkenes.

If you fancy reading more Barents-related stuff you better look at the list of recommended links. Besides, it makes no difference whether you can wear shorts by now or not because enjoying the BarentSaga is not something labelled “weather permitting”.

Ari Sirén, Head of the International Barents Secretariat
May, 2014

Barents Profile: Christina Henriksen

“Extractive industries represent severe challenges for the traditional livelihood of indigenous peoples. Another important task for indigenous peoples in the region is to preserve and develop the indigenous languages. The WGIP welcome the efforts of the BEAC and the BRC in including the indigenous voices into their activities.”

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Short news & link tips to Barents:


What’s Indigee and what’s next?

The Indigee 2 Indigenous Entrepreneurship project is coming to an end in June 2014. However, with the growing importance of the Arctic regions and development of their indigenous peoples, the opportunity and resources for starting the Indigee Arctic  project is regarded as the future direction of the next phase of Indigee programme!


New Climate, Environment and Hot Spot Adviser

Tuuli Ojala started her work as a Climate, Environment and Hot Spot Adviser at the International Barents Secretariat this spring 2014. Her work is to coordinate the activities related to the recently adopted Barents Action Plan on Climate Change and support the BEAC Working Group on Environment in its tasks.

 Welcome Tuuli!


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No one is late from Arctic Business

“The investment decisions are postponed until the world's economy is more predictable”, said Mr. Timo Rautajoki, CEO of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce, at the Arctic Business Forum in Rovaniemi in March 2014. Arctic Business Forum attracted about 250 people to join the discussion about the future of the Arctic Business.


Barents Young Journalists’ Gathering in Kirkenes

Barents Mediasphere project brought together 30 young journalists and journalism students from Barents region in April in Kirkenes. The idea was to offer a new insight into video reporting with smart phone and storytelling through photographing. Besides the course provided networking opportunities and possibility to participate to Barents Press annual seminar.


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Anna Afanasyeva, Christina Henriksen, Roy Hojem, Virpi Komulainen, Jenni Lintula, Tuuli Ojala, Ari Sirén, Arto Vitikka


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