New look for the website

 The layout and structure of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council’s website was renewed February 2013. Due to the coming 20th anniversary, it was a good time to refresh the looks and structure of the pages. The current BEAC Chair Norway had also an active role in pushing the process onwards.

The Arctic Centre hired a graphical designer who was given guidelines that the pages need elements that highlight current activities such as the 20th anniversary, meetings, projects and chairmanships. In the new layout there are two new graphical elements which can be used to draw attention: the colored balls which are at the top of the page and the two smaller photos lower in the page. The Calendar of Events was moved higher in the right side and colors where used both for events and news headlines.

A new element in the layout is the social media sharing tool at the top right corner. This hopefully adds traffic to the pages. Already a significant number of the visitors who come via links to the BEAC website are from Facebook.

The structure was re-designed so that the number of the main menu items was reduced from sixteen to nine. This was done to improve the usability of the website.


Website statistics for 2012

Year 2012 the about 11 400 people visited the website and the pages were viewed altogether 75 915 times.

Most of the visitors came from Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden (in this order), but a lot of traffic was also from USA, UK, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

The top 20 of the most visited pages is the following: 

Working Groups
Calendar of events
Barents Regional Council
Contacts and secretariats
Facts and maps
Contacts /International Barents Secretariat 
Document database Archives
Introduction/Facts and maps/Barents Region/Murmansk
Project funding
Photo gallery
Working Groups/BEAC Working Groups/Environment
Partners and related organisations
Indigenous Peoples
Introduction/Facts and maps/Barents Region
Barents Regional Council/Barents Regional Council documents
Working Groups/BEAC Working Groups/Rescue Cooperation

Text by Arto Vitikka, Arctic Centre

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