Twenty journalists from Finland and Norway visited Murmansk's newsrooms

On 22 - 25 April 2013 several newsrooms in Murmansk received visiting colleagues from the Barents Region. During the time in Murmansk, the Norwegian and Finnish journalists got to know the city, everyday life in the Russian media and the most important, got to know their colleagues across the borders.

“The Barents Mediasphere project was created to give better possibilities for media contacts, for information flow and for understanding each other across the borders. Nowadays journalist travel in the Barents region have become increasingly rare”, says Project Coordinator Virpi Komulainen from Barents Mediasphere project.

After three days in the biggest city above Arctic Circle, the group of journalists travelled south from Murmansk, to the town of Apatity. There the group attended to the largest and most important international journalist gathering in Europe this year, the Barents Press International's annual meeting.

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Text by Markku Heikkilä and Jenni Lintula
Photo by Arto Vitikka / Arctic Centre. More photos from the journey on Facebook.
tv murman.jpg
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