Russian-Swedish teacher exchange on Environmental Pedagogics

March 18-22, a delegation of nine Russian teachers, tutors and administrators visited the Swedish town of Luleå for a workshop and to meet Swedish colleagues active in environmental pedagogics. The Head of the delegation was Ms Marina Sivkova, Director at the Komi Educational Institution of Supplementary Education for Children.

The aim is to establish a pedagogic cooperation between Russia and Sweden focusing on raising the level of knowledge of environment among teachers, the integration of this knowledge in every-day teaching and increasing the curiosity of school children in environmentally related issues.

During their stay, the teacher from Komi took part of how Luleå Municipality works with educating their young in environmental knowledge, such as sustainable development and water issues. They exchanged knowledge and information with the staff at the environmental school with the goal to improve the tutoring in both regions on how to make our future generations understand and act responsible towards our precious environment.

Mr Staffan Svanberg, an internationally known lecturer in sustainable development and Mr Gunnar Jonson, the Senior Subject Teacher at Luleå University of Technology, were among the speakers during the workshop. Hosts for the workshop were Luleå municipality, represented by Mr Göran Öhman, and the county administrative board of Norrbotten, represented by Mr Jonas Lundin.

They delegation stayed at the Environmental School of Luleå and among other places visited "Teknikens Hus", the water treatment facility, and waste treatment facility of Luleå.

The establishment of cooperation in environmental pedagogics is part of the Chairmanship of Norrbotten, 2012-2013, of the Barents Regional Council. A similar exchange will be held in the town of Syktyvkar in the Republic of Komi with a delegation from Sweden. 

Marina Sivkova on the Komi Regional TV “Yurgan”
Marina Sivkova, Director of the Komi Educational Institution of Supplementary Education for Children, The Ecological and Biological Centre

Right: Staffan Svanberg, acknowledged lecturer on sustainable development
Left: Igor Ryzhov, Analyst Interfax - ERA, Environmental Agency


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