Barents Person - Irina Nazarova 

irina_web_newsletter.JPGWho are you?

Hmm.. at the office I am the one who knows a lot about how to create a good project, an expert in project management cycle and an experienced project adviser, reliable colleague. Out of the office I am also a good one. 

What is your main task?
My main task at the IBS is to enhance project activities in the Barents region by supporting local actors in seeking for funds and in composing project applications. 

Why did you want to work as a financial adviser at the IBS?
After almost 8 years of my work for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Information Office in Saint Petersburg I felt that I needed a change, professional development and new experience. . aAnd all my expectations have luckily coincided at the IBS. 

For how long will you be a financial adviser?
The position is temporary, for one year. Thus I will be working as a financial adviser at the IBS up to the end of august 2011. 

What is your best financial tip?
I know one tip for a success at any business : motivation + information + action = success. Personal involvement and control are important as well as good partners. Human factor plays its role everywhere. 

What do you find most challenging in your work?
Travelling from Kirkenes and back . It really takes time! 

How about most rewarding?
The Barents team. I enjoy and appreciate working with people involved into the Barents cooperation. I learn from them all the time, both on professional and personal levels. 

What do you want to achieve as financial adviser at IBS?
The most visible achievements would be the web site updated with relevant information on financial sources and tips for project applications and a number of projects initiated with my assistance. 

And to have some fun at the end: Favorite Barents region location for Easter holiday?
Russia. Karelia. Home.



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