pilotlogo-008-newsletter.jpgBarents Pilots Anne and Per Kristian are spreading enthusiasm to young people

A new project is now being implemented by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and the County Governor of Finnmark. The project is called “Barents Pilots” and it aims to inspire and encourage young people in northern Norway to be more devoted and interested in their home region.

Two Barents Pilots have been hired to visit schools in northern Norway. Anne Figenschou is one of the Pilots and the project leader. - Our goal is to spread knowledge, enthusiasm and interest about the region and the possibilities we have here, says Figenschou. – We have already started visiting schools all over the region.

One of the main goals of the project is to inspire youth to initiate cross-border projects in the Barents region. The Barents Pilots will put a positive focus on the region and make young people aware of the possibilities they have living in the north, for example the different financing and study possibilities in Norway and the other Barents countries. Those who choose to take advantage of these possibilities can get invaluable study experiences through different study exchange programmes, for example.

The Barents Pilots are aware that the target group is students and they will have to have an interesting and exciting concept in order to enthuse their audience. – We have to try to inspire the students and encourage them to contribute themselves also, says Figenschou. -Young people can’t just sit around and wait for the future to happen to them, they have to create it themselves by taking advantage of the possibilities in their surroundings.

pilotlogo-006-newsletter.jpgThe project was started in October 2010 and it is now in full motion. Anne Figenschou together with her colleague, Barents Pilot Per Kristian Bergmo, have prepared for an intense period of travel to schools all over the Barents regions of Norway during this spring.

If you want a visit of the Barents Pilots to your local school, just contact Anne or Per Kristian.

Anne Figenschou, anne@barents.no
Per Kristian Bergmo, pkb@barents.no


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