The 1/2011 issue of the BarentSaga newsletter

The BarentSaga is published by the International Barents Secretariat.

See also the previous issues of the BarentSaga.

Barents Environmental Hot Spots

New project for the elimination of the Barents Environmental Hot Spots will start this year. A public information system on the hot spots will be available in 2011.  Read more >>

Water Resources Management in the Barents Region

First conference on the topic was arranged last November in Arkhangelsk.   Read more >>

Young indigenous entrepreneurs developing their future

The project for young indigenous entrepreneurs is in full motion!  Read more >>

Barents person: Irina Nazarova

Irina is from Karelian Republic and works as the Senior Adviser on Project Funding at the International Barents Secretariat.   Read more >>

A positive step for the resolution of the Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Congress

The first Barents Indigenous Peoples Congress (BIPC) was arranged in Kirkenes in the beginning of February 2010.    Read more >> 

Feature article "Fighters"

Russian-Norwegian documentary film of fishermen from Finnmark who fled to Soviet Union after the German occupation during the Second World War.   Read more >>

Barents Pilots Anne and Per Kristian are spreading enthusiasm to young people

The “Barents Pilots” project aims to inspire and encourage young people in northern Norway to be more devoted and interested in their home region.  Read more >>
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