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"This is IBS in Kirkenes, Norway" video out now



"This is IBS in Kirkenes, Norway" is the newest addition in our freshly launched YouTube channelIn the video the five-headed, all four Barents countries covering staff tells briefly about their daily work at the IBS to enhance the visibility of the whole Barents Cooperation.

"We should be the coordinatior between the national and regional level and all the working groups. It is a challenge, since we have four countries, fourteen regions, two boards of senior officials and fourteen working groups", says Tomas Hallberg, the Head of Secretariat.

"We are trying to have a balance in the office; a gender balance, but also a balance to have co-workers from all four Barents countries", he continues. At this moment all  Barents countries are represented at the IBS.

"We are serving as an archive for the Barents cooperation and now also working hard to get the Barents cooperation more visible using our website and social media", tells Roman Gokkoev, Executive Officer.

Roy Hojem, Secretary and Accountant of the office, and Julia Bobina, Climate, Environment and Hot Spot Advisor tell also about their contribution at the IBS.

The video is filmed and edited by IBS intern Elli Alasaari (Spring 2019), who is focusing on creating audio-visual media content during her internship.

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