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Recent news of the Joint Working Group on Health and Social Issues



The Joint Working Group on Health and Related Social issues (JWGHS) has had an active year. During 2016-2017 the chairmanship is shared between Finland and the Arkhangelsk Region.

The work of the JWGHS is implemented through their three programmes: Barents HIV/AIDS Programme, Barents Programme on Tuberculosis and Barents Programme on Children and Youth at Risk.

Barents HIV/AIDS programme aims to secure HIV prevention and care, reduce the morbidity and mortality caused by HIV and to minimize the impact of HIV and AIDS on individuals and society as a whole within the Barents Region. Their work has included for example different programmes and practical work.

The second programme is the Barents Programme on Tuberculosis. It aims to strengthen the fight against TB and HIV/TB co-infection in the Barents Region.  Their work includes sharing of information, targeting vulnerable groups, health communication and action to prevent TB.

The third Barents programme is the Programme on Children and Youth at Risk (CYAR). The CYAR programme aims at protecting children’s rights, developing and improving the services for children and families, and preventing violence against children. In this way CYAR continues its work towards improving the life conditions of the most vulnerable groups of children and families in the Barents region.

The next meeting of the Joint Working Group on Health and Related Social Issues will be in Oulu 22-23 March.

Here you can read more about the work of JWGHS.


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