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Recent news of the Joint Working Group on Education and Research


The Joint Working Group on Education and Research (JWGER) is a working group that consists of 14 universities and research units. It therefore differs from the other working groups with its composition and with the way of working. The JWGER aims to deepen the connection between the education institutions in the Barents region and work as a communication platform for them. The Working Group promotes Higher Education in the North, and international collaboration of the students as well as the teachers. The JWGER is actively involved in the network of Arctic Universities UArctic.  

Some of the joint programmes the network has in collaboration with the UArctic are for example the Arctic Floating University, summer schools and mobility programmes. The JWGER emphasizes also the importance of northern research. 

The JWGER promotes mobility programmes and academic cooperation within the Barents by facilitating further internationalization of Higher Education Institutions, enhancing students and staff exchanges, developing international educational programmes, summer schools, addressing recognition issues, initiating new educational and scientific projects and organizing discussion arenas and meeting points.

Education and research form a crucial part of the wellbeing and future of the Barents. Strengthening the cooperation in education and research means strengthening the Barents as a whole.

Here you can see which universities and research units are members of the JWGER.



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