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Recent News of the BEAC Working Group on Transport (BEATA)


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Vadsø (NO) 

The Working Group on Transport under the Barents Euro-Arctic Council is organized as a steering committee for the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area – an ambitious plan that seeks to strengthen transport corridors and infrastructure within the Barents region. The scope of the steering committee covers also the cooperation related to the border-crossing points and customs.  

The strategic goals of the transport cooperation are outlined in the draft Joint Barents Transport Plan, initiated by the Norwegian Chairmanship in 2013. The work has been continued by the current Russian Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, and the plan has been evolving in coherence with the general transport developments.

The main objective of the multilateral transport cooperation is to develop an efficient transport system with good internal connectivity between the Barents countries and with good external links to world markets. The proposed implementation is guided by a set of principles: the transport system should be developed in a way that boosts regional development, safeguards the environment and improves safety and accessibility for all. As in much of the multilateral cooperation, the plan is not legally binding: it rather creates a framework for mutual understanding and combined efforts.



Beyond the steering committee’s activities, the transport issues have been given special attention by the current Russian Chairmanship of the BEAC. Within the framework of the BEAC Chairmanship, Russia has organized several international conferences for the governmental representatives related to transport and logistics between the North-West Russia, larger Barents Euro-Arctic region and the Baltic region.


Read more about the streering committee here.



  Border in Tornio (FI)

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