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News and Updates 2021

Program of 18th BEAC Ministerial Meeting


Agenda of the upcoming XVIII Ministerial Meeting of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council has been published. For agenda in Russian, please scroll down.


Final Agenda BEAC Ministerial Meeting 26 OCT-page-001.jpgFinal Agenda BEAC Ministerial Meeting 26 OCT-page-002.jpgFinal Agenda BEAC Ministerial Meeting 26 OCT-page-003.jpg


BEAC Ministerial 2021 Agenda_final_Russian-page-001.jpg

BEAC Ministerial 2021 Agenda_final_Russian-page-002.jpg

BEAC Ministerial 2021 Agenda_final_Russian-page-003.jpg

Link to the Program as pdf file: English  |  Russian 

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