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Organizing a corona contest for creative minds in the North!

A global initiative called #hackthecrisis has taken action to find solutions to various problems caused by the coronavirus. We have embarked on this global trend and encourage everyone in the Barents Region to contribute with us!

– Measures that work for capital cities may not be right for small communities in the North. The aim is to find ideas and solutions that will help local communities and businesses within the Barents Region get through the corona pandemic, says Jenny Spring, project manager at the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

April 28-30, we run a 48-hour digital competition, also called a hackathon. The purpose is to help our local communities and businesses in the North find solutions that will ensure activity and work in the future.

– In order to achieve this, we need people to send us problems they are facing as a result of the coronavirus. The point is to help save the communities up north by solving them, says Jenny enthusiastically.


With the competition #HackTheCrisisBarents, Jenny hopes to engage creative people from all over the Barents region to find solutions. Photo: Max Malyutin.

What is #HackTheCrisisBarents?
Simply a 48-hour online innovation contest, where the participants work in teams to solve the challenges our society is facing.

Who can contribute?
Everyone can contribute and there are three ways:
1. Contribute by submitting a problem.
You are allowed to submit a problem and sign up to solve it!
2. Register to solve the challenges!
You can sign up as a team, company team or as an individual from which teams are formed.
3. Join as a mentor.
Because you are passionate about helping others and want to guide a team.

The winning team
The team that comes up with the best solution wins NOK 30.000 to further develop its concept. The top three teams also win tickets and travel to the biggest innovation festival in the Barents Region - ICE Kirkenes!


The innovation festival ICE Kirkenes will hopefully be arranged later this year, meanwhile, the corona competition is being organized to create digital activity across borders in the Barents region, in collaboration with the festival. #HackTheCrisisBarents. Photo: Max Malyutin.

We invite people from all over the Barents Region to join forces to help save our local communities in a difficult time! We encourage YOU to contribute as well. 

Click here for more information and registration: 

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