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New Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme on the Environment and Climate


The Nordic Ministers for the Environment have announced a new cooperation programme aimed at improving the state of the environment and addressing climate change in Northwest Russia.

The projects are expected to result in clear improvements for the environment and the climate in Northwest Russia and, indirectly, to result in improvements in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the Barents Region as a whole. Applications will be encouraged for projects and initiatives that seek to: reduce pollution, cut greenhouse gas emissions and ozone-depleting substances, improve biodiversity, protect endangered species, clean up polluted areas and other sources of environmental problems, improve the ability to respond to and cope with unforeseen ecological disasters and subsequent emergencies.

The programme is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Barents Hot Spots Facility (BHSF), a fund administered by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, NEFCO. Funding is available for building networks, disseminating information, improving capacity, and for investing in equipment, technology, and infrastructure.

“NEFCO focuses in particular on the environment and climate issues in the Arctic and Barents regions. Since co-operation in the Barents region targets regional co-operation, it is natural for us to support local activities that may also benefit the 'hot spots' and other important environmental issues,” says Henrik G Forsström, who manages the BHSF.

The programme will be launched in early 2017 with a call for proposals targeted at non-commercial environmental and climate projects involving partners from the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia. (the Applicant/Lead partner should come from one of the Nordic countries).


More details about the programme will be announced shortly at the web-pages of NEFCO, NCM and IBS.

NEFCO will be administrating the programme with the assistance of the International Barents Secretariat.

More about the programme:

Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)


Photo: Regions of Northwest Russia eligible for participating in the programme

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