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Meet the new intern of the International Barents Secretariat


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How did you become interested in working at the International Barents Secretariat?

Regional cooperation is an important thing, and I find the Barents as a good example of working co-operation, even in difficult times. I am a believer of co-operation, in all arenas of life. 

The Barents area is bit of a mystery even for many people in Finland who are living in the region, and I wanted to see what is the whole co-operation actually about. One big reason for applying for this position was also the location: I love the North and find Norway extremely beautiful!

Tell us about your background

I am from Kokkola, a rather small city on the West coast of Finland. I did my bachelors in Political Science at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, and at the moment I am doing my masters in International Politics at the University of Tampere. I am also studying in the Master’s School of Aleksanteri Institute, specializing on Russian and Eastern European studies. In my studies I have focused a lot on environmental and arctic politics, and my master’s thesis is a combination of those two.

I have done previous internships in an environmental organization Bellona in St. Petersburg, and in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

What does your work include at the IBS?

My job includes a variety of things: updating the social media and the webpage, keeping in touch with different stakeholders, writing and brainstorming different kinds of reports and events. So far I have enjoyed the work a lot.

What do you enjoy doing on your freetime?

I love all kinds of sports, especially yoga and snowboarding. I guess I follow the path of previous IBS interns, apparently all of them have been vegetarian and into sports. I also love to travel and see new places and cultures, I have lived for example in New Zealand, Spain, Russia and Peru. I like the outdoors and Kirkenes is quite ideal place for that. I am also very much into books; a day doesn’t pass without a small moment of reading.

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