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Meet our second intern of the spring



Why did you want to work in the International Barents Secretariat?
I knew that I wanted to work here ever since I heard about the two Barents Councils. The combination of being part of the Nordic-Russian cooperation, living next to the incredibly beautiful Barents Sea and working in an international team sounded instantly like a dream job. In a more general sense, I have a lot of faith in international cooperation, especially in a regional level. I think that since many of humanity’s challenges such as climate change are global, we should look for efficient solutions across the borders as well. Plus, knowing one’s neighbors makes everyday life much more fun!

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m from Helsinki, and I’ve been living there for the most of my life – so spending a couple of months this high in the North is a totally new adventure to me. I’m finishing my master’s degree on Social and Public Policy in the University of Helsinki, and I’m also enrolled in the Master’s School of Russian studies in the Aleksanteri Institute. In addition to my lovely hometown, I’ve studied abroad in Petrozavodsk and Moscow. I love to travel and explore new places – I guess that’s one of the many reasons that brought me here as well. Just before my internship at the IBS I spent three months in Paris, as a trainee in the Permanent Delegation of Finland to UNESCO. The difference between a huge European capital and a small coastal town is striking, but I think that change is what makes life interesting. 

How do you like living in Kirkenes?
I love it here! The nature surrounding this tiny town is stunning, and people are very kind. It’s also cool to live this close to the Russian border: having all the street names in Russian creates an international vibe. Even though we’re pretty far from everything, I feel like being on the top of the world – in a place where all the roads begin! 

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