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Meet our intern for spring 2019!


How did you become interested in working at the International Barents Secretariat?

My interest in Arctic affairs has grown over time since my stay in Nuuk, Greenland as an exchange student at Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland) in 2017. Although, I have studied Arctic governance and Polar law, I want to get hands-on work experience in the field, so why not to start with the Barents region? I am especially interested in knowing how to enhance international institutional cooperation between Western countries and Russia in times of growing enmity at the highest international settings. I hope the Barents Cooperation can hint some lessons.

Tell us about your background

I was born in Gagnef, Sweden but I grew up in a coastal village near Alicante, Spain. My father is Spanish and my mother is Swedish, and I hold both nationalities. I studied law and political science at Charles III University of Madrid.

After a short period of work experience in a solicitors’ firm, I had the opportunity to enroll the Masters programme in International and European Relations at Linköping University. I recently finished the masters with my thesis defense about Greenland’s actorness in Arctic affairs (and how to make change happen).

Funny fact: I am the first male intern the IBS ever had! The previous 17 interns have all been females. It is odd to be a man and a gender rule-breaker but… who said things work the same in the Barents region as elsewhere?


What will your work include at the IBS?

My general tasks will encompass administrative and dissemination activities as well as planning small events. Generally speaking, I am to support my colleagues in those areas they need an extra hand. This is my first day in office, more concrete tasks will be assigned in due course.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to spend time in nature, either walking or hiking. In addition, I am an avid reader and like to learn the history of the places I visit or live. As a lazy person by nature, I force myself to do some sports. However, water is my element so it will not be strange to find me in the swimming pool time to time. I must confess I have never skied a single time, will Kirkenes change this fact?

I always travel when I find the opportunity. It is my duty as a globetrotter to visit the neighboring Russian cities as soon as I get my Russian visa!

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