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Meet our intern for spring 2019!


Elli Alasaari from Finland has just started as an intern at the IBS.


How did you become interested in working at the International Barents Secretariat?

I have to admit my being here is quite a happy coincidence. I was looking for an internship in general, and I received an invitation to apply to my student email. I wasn’t planning to do an internship outside of my home country, but here I am and I am really happy for it!

Working on an institutional organization is really something new for me, but I do have a great interest for the arctic and its nature and people. I am looking forward to working on an international environment and learning new things every day. Not to mention spending time in this beautiful town!

Tell us about your background

I am originally from Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland, but I live in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. I am from a small farmer village and I think because of that nature and small delicate things are really important for me. I am a calm person, but I have some restlessness in me which makes me challenge myself over again and search for new adventures.

My background is strongly cultural. I am finishing my graphic design master studies at the University of Lapland and I study audio-visual media culture as a minor. I am working as a graphic designer and a photographer. I love writing and I randomly write articles for the local newspaper in Rovaniemi. I am very interested in people and their cultures.

What will your work include at the IBS?

This time the IBS wanted an intern with audio-visual media skills, and I am the right person for the task. I will be working on some video material in regard to the activities of the IBS. I ́ll be moving along with working groups, conferences, trips etc. My goal is to make IBS more visible with more quality media content that is appealing to everyone. Of course I will also be an extra hand in any arising situations.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am constantly looking at the world with a visual eye and am almost always carrying a camera with me. Analog photography is what I like to do the most, because it gives time and value to the creative process. I like simply going on walks and wandering, both in the city and in nature. This is my first time in Norway and I can’t wait to explore Kirkenes area! I like to try new things, like learning to dance salsa. As a proper Finn I love sauna an doing ice-swimming.

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