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Intensive month before the BEAC Ministerial


Quite many events on the high level are scheduled for the last month of the Swedish BEAC Chairmanship. Those are the Transport Ministerial Meeting in Umeå, Parliamentary Conference in Haparanda and biennial Barents Rescue in Kiruna. Also some working groups will have their meetings in September.


The Swedish Ministry of Infrastructure will organize the Transport Ministerial Meeting in Umeå on 12 September at the state secretary level. Annelie Mannertorn has been chairing the Steering Committee for the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area (BEATA). The main theme for the Swedish chairmanship in this Working Group has been Cooperation on Sustainable Transport Solutions.

The Speaker of the Swedish Parliament Dr. Andreas Norlen will open the 9th Barents Parliamentary Conference in Haparanda on 17 September. Parliamentarians from the Barents member countries will discuss Transport, Trade and Economic Development as well as People-to-people contacts in the region.

The Barents Rescue Event Week in Kiruna in the end September will consist not only of practical training and field exercises for first responders but also seminars, workshops and other forms of educational training.

The XVII BEAC Foreign Ministers' Session will be held in Umeå in the afternoon of 3 October. The chairmanships will be rotated to Norway on the national and to Västerbotten on the regional level.

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