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How can Barents Cooperation contribute to global climate actions?


This is a challenge, which inspired Norwegian Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (2020-2021) to continue active climate-related work, involving all Barents working groups and other relevant actors.


Photo: Ilya Timin

The main priority of the Chairmanship in this sphere is to prepare an Update of the Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents Cooperation. The document will reflect concrete measures to be taken by the working groups in the coming years.

The initial Action Plan was developed by the Working Group on Environment and endorsed by the Barents Environmental Ministers back in 2013. It contained adaptation and mitigation activities of the working groups in all relevant areas, including transport and energy sectors, biodiversity, education and research, public health and rescue cooperation. The second edition of the Action Plan came out in 2017, promoting cross-sectoral approach in tackling the climate change.

The on-going update will present an overview on the climate change impact on biodiversity and human health in the Barents region and will focus on solutions to mitigate rapid climate change and adapt to the new environment. Low-emission transport, sustainable forestry and cooperation on regional climate strategies are among the proposals. The document is to be adopted by the Barents Foreign Ministers in October 2021 as one of the outcomes of the Norwegian Chairmanship.

An important milestone in this work is a webinar 'Policies for Infrastructure and Land-use in a Climate Smart Barents Region'. It will be arranged on 27 April 2021 as part of the Norwegian Chairmanship programme. How can the Barents Region contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and become a climate smart society by 2050? Can this be done while avoiding loss for the natural environment and traditional land use? These are questions to be explored at the webinar.

You can read more about and join the webinar by registering here and think how you can contribute to global climate actions locally!

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