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Climate Journey opens the planned series of exhibitions in IBS and the Barents Institute in Kirkenes


During two missions, in 2007 and 2012, Swedish journalist Tom Juslin traveled through the Nordic countries to find out how climate change affects people, animals and nature. His trips to Iceland, The Faroe Islands and the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland were made possible thanks to grants from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

When the proposal to use the empty walls of IBS’s office as a venue for an exhibition was presented at the meeting of the Joint Working Group on Culture in Rovaniemi in spring 2015, Ola Källgren from Sweden came up with a proposal to show Tom Juslin’s exhibition. The idea is to have  a new exhibition in IBS every year, to reflect and raise discussion on the topics of the Barents cooperation.

Tom Juslin opened the exhibition and made a presentation about his journeys on a hot August day in Kirkenes. Many people deny there is such a thing as climate change, stressed Tom. They may refer to an individual cold and snowy winter as a proof that there are no major changes. Research shows quite the opposite, says Tom. We appear to face the weather that almost nobody desires, that is, warmer winters and cooler summers.

- But the focus in my work has not been on researchers and their results, says Tom, but on ordinary people's experiences of the changes in nature, fears for the future and proposals for a more climate-friendly life.

Tom was awarded the prize for the best educational journalist of the year 2008 in Sweden. He has held some 150 lectures in all of the Nordic countries, including a six-week lecture tour of schools in Norway in 2012. The photo exhibition has been shown at various locations in the Nordic region, including the Nordic Council of Ministers Gallery in Copenhagen.

The exhibition will be at the International Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes until mid-summer 2016.


Photo: Tom Juslin


Photo: Tom Juslin

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