Climate Change in Lapland’s Nature photo exhibition, now in Paris


The exhibition illustrates the impact of climate change on nature in Finnish Lapland, seeking to raise the awareness of climate change in the northern region. The project was initiated by the Regional Natural History Museum of Lapland and has been implemented in cooperation with the IBS.

The project manager, Stéphanie Lefrère, presented the background of the exhibition during a seminar at the COP21 earlier this week. She points to the dramatic environmental changes she has experienced during her 15 years in Lapland and notes that the temperature is expected to rise by 6 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. This will have a severe impact on the wild life in the region and many species are already in decline, while other new species move northwards and Lefrère points to the decline in Arctic birds and redlisted mosses and lichen.

Climate change also has a significant impact on the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples living in the region, and although their adaptive capacity to extreme weather conditions is generally high, it will be difficult to adapt to the changing average climate.

2015-12-02 COP21 Climate change exhib Stephanie Lefrere.JPG
Stéphanie Lefrère, project manager (photo by IBS)

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