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Annual Event of BRYC: Different concepts of "borders" and a role-play game about the Barents Regional Council


Arvidsjaur group photo_quick edit.jpg
63 youth representatives from all over the Barents region. Photo: Andrey Chalkin from Karelia

The Barents Regional Youth Council's (BRYC) Annual Event took place this year in Arvidsjaur, Sweden between 30 November and 3 December. “Borders” in all the meaning was the main theme of the event. Programme included interventions by three keynote speakers Iuliia Mitina leading the workshops about cultural borders: Borderolgy – a new science or way to connect Barents?, Yulia Mosunova talking about social borders: Labour adaptation or how to get aquatinted with your adult life and Aria Nakhaei focusing on country borders: Intercultural leadership and choosing identity.  

The mayor of Arvidsjaur opened the meeting. 63 youth participants from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden gathered together to think about the different concepts of borders. BRYC has wanted recently to make the events more serious in order to educate the youth and make them aware of the processes in Barents cooperation. 

BRYC meeting 2.jpg

BRYC has been in touch with the Swedish BEAC Chairmanship regarding the cooperation on youth issues. The representative from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Elinor Blomberg and Eva Ekmehag had a meeting with the BRYC discussing the upcoming period what comes to the youth issues and how the youth are represented in Barents Cooperation.

BRYC annual meeting with Swedish Chairmanship.JPG
The BRYC had a meeting together with the representatives of the Swedish BEAC Chairmanship, CSO Chair Elinor Blomberg and Eva Ekmehag.

The work and working method of the Barents Regional Council was introduced to the youth in interesting and new way: by the role-play game The model of the Barents Regional Council  led by Anna Trubkina and Alexandr Terentev  where the BRC session was simulated with an agenda of youth development strategies and rating of youth strategies. This included home task preparation where participants were asked to think some of the main youth issues on their regions and then to introduce them to each others. "Through this kind of training the youth are pushed to think more mature way and they got the taste of so called adult Barents cooperation", says Elizaveta Vassilieva one of the organizers who works as an adviser for youth projects atthe Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

BRYC Annual Event role play.jpg
The role-play game The model of the Barents Regional Council was an innovative way to teach the youth about the working methods and the work of the BRC.

Through the meeting the BRYC got a few new members. Over all this year there has been a prominent amount of newcomers in the BRYC. "On top of the important social aspect that the BRYC has, the main outcome of the meeting was that the BRYC youth had to really think about the important issues regarding the youth in their regions through the BRC training", adds Vassilieva. She concludes that the BRYC aims at building up the community for the Barents youth.

The BRYC works with the aim to strengthen youth cooperation in the Barents Region and to empower the younger generation to participate more actively in the Barents regional development. 

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