Past events

Past events
Waste management in small communities in Arctic and Barents regions: Seminar within RU-FI AB-Waste Project (WGE SHE)

The seminar “Waste management in small communities in Arctic and Barents regions” is organized by Russian-Finnish bilateral AB-Waste project (Waste cooperation within the Barents), financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and steered by the Ministry of the Environment of Finland. The AB-Waste project is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE in co-operation with the VNII Ecology.

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Program in English


  1. Financing small-scale green investments in the Arctic and Barents Region: A Solid Waste Sector Perspective 
  2. Challenges for Waste Management in the Russian Arctic, The Nenets Autonomous orkug (NAO)
  3. Solid Waste Management in Small Arctic Communities - commenting words
  4. From bio-wastes to raw-material - fisheries and reindeer herding
  5. Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, Waste management
  6. Solid Waste Management in small Arctic communities, Alaska, Canada and Finland

Place: Helsinki, Finland

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