Past Events

Children and Youth at Risk (CYAR) annual expert conference

Murmansk, Russia: 18.6.2015

The Barents cooperation programme “Children and Youth At Risk 2008 - 2015” invites you to an international conference on Barents cooperation in the realm of social service for children and families in a difficult life situation. At the conference results of the work done will be presented by the project partners and specialists involved in its realization.

Date and time: June 18, 2015, 09.00 - 17.00.

Conference program, English/Russian

The speakers, presentation in English

Presentations from the conference:

Presentation by Alena Chernova

Presentation by Anja Salo and Tatiana Egorova

Presentation by Eilif Norvang

Presentation by Elena Dunaeva 

Presentation by Elena Vorobyeva

Presentation by Irina Khanasiuk

Presentation by Karolina Banul

Presentation by Knut Gundersen

Presentation by Linda Kråkenes

Presentation by Mervi Heikkinen 

Presentation by Ole Andreas Lindeman  

Presentation by Pål Christian Bergstrøm

Presentation by Willy Tore Mørch



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