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Regional Working Group on Youth Issues

The Barents regional committee established a Regional Working Group on Youth Issues (RWGYI) to support the implementation of the youth programme. This group have since then been working in close cooperation with the intergovernmental working group on youth policy.

The regional committee decided in June 2006 that the working group in cooperation with the youth council (BRYC) should make a draft of a new youth programme 2007-2010. The regional council adopted the programme in November 2007.


Barents Regional Youth Programme

Aim of the programme is to make the Barents Region more attractive for young people so that they stay in the region or return after completing their education. The Programme offers young people opportunities for mobility and active participation in the Barents cooperation and the development of the Barents Region. It aims to contribute to the achievement of increased cross border youth cooperation within all areas in addition to development of skills and competencies, which promote active citizenship.

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The working group held meeting in 2007 jointly with the Regional Youth council (BRYC) in Rovaniemi. Representatives from the group have taken active part in the working group planning and implementing the event “Barents youth seminar 2007” that was arranged in Rovaniemi. The group is aiming to achieve a close cooperation with the national working group (WGYP). It was suggested to arrange joint meetings in 2008.

The group had a meeting in Kirkenes in January 2008. The group will have a meeting in Luleå in November 2008 during the human rights days and BRYC’s workshop on youth and human rights in the Barents region.




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