Investments and Economic Cooperation

Regional Working Group on Investments and Economic Cooperation

Regional Working Group on Investments and Economic Cooperation aims to build bridges between business life and local administration (RWGIEC). RWGIEC assesses business infrastructure from the practical viewpoint of the region’s SMEs and makes improvement proposals concerning business climate and operational conditions. RWGIEC also encourages SMEs for cross-border economic cooperation and to build up sub-contractor networks so that SMEs could participate in big-scale projects. RWGIEC is also trying to combat trade barriers and inform about the transportation needs of companies. 

 Regional Working Group on Investment and Economic Cooperation, Murmansk 2018RWGIEC meeting in Murmansk, November 2018 

The composition of the Working Group consists of representatives from the member regions. The representatives have to have experience from business life. The working group’s chairmanship rotates every second year.


Jenny Mikkelsen Spring (Chair)
Business Adviser, Norwegian Barents Secretariat
Tel. +47 46890267

Elena Tihonova
Minister of Economic Development of the Murmansk Region
Tel. +7 8152 486232, +7 8152 486440

Vitaly Gnidenko 
Acting Minister on Economic Development of the Arkhangelsk Region
Tel. +7 8182 288392

Aleksey Prosuzhyhk
First Deputy Minister of Investments, Industry and Transport of the Republic of Komi 
Tel. +7 8212 255434, +7 8212 255433

Mari Möttönen (former Maier)
Kainuu ELY-centre
Tel. +358 50 3508204 

Arja Nevalainen
Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK Ltd
Tel. +358 40 8204646

Lapland (TBA) 

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