Barents Tuberculosis Programme

The goal of the Barents Tuberculosis Program is to take more active measures to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and HIV&TB co-infection in the Barents region through intensive international collaboration.

The following measureas are suggested for this purpose:

  • To establish and strenghten the mechanisms of collaboration and joint managament between HIV programmes and TB-control programmes for delivering integrated TB and HIV services.
  • To develop the guidelines, standards and standard infectious control programs for the Russian part of the Barents region. To improve the implementation of the existing plans for infection control.
  • To introduce earlier and more accurate diagnostics of TB and MDR TB.
  • To improve capacities of facilities and institutions.
  • To develop closer interaction between the civilian and penitentiary healthcare services.
  • Further develop cooperation between the Russian Federation and Northern European countries in prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.

The TB Programme will be working under the Barents Joint Working Group on Health and Related Social Issues (JWGHS) and will have tight connection to the Northern Dimension Partnership on Health and Social issues (NDPHS).

The most recent meeting of the TB Programme was held in St. Petersburg in November 2016. Below are experts' presentations from the meeting:

Karin Rønning: Tuberculosis in Norway
Mikko Vauhkonen: Migration and tuberculosis in Finland
НЕЧАЕВА Ольга: Влияние миграции на эпидемическуюситуацию по туберкулёзу и ВИЧ-инфекции 
L.I. Archiakova; V.B. Galkin: TB epidemic tendency in the North-West Region of Russia
Boris Sergeev; Igor Kazanez : TB awareness among labour migrants in St. Petersburg


The Barents Tuberculosis Program, adopted 2012
Document archive of the Barents Tuberculosis Programme 
Document archive of the Joint Working Group on Health and related Social Issues (JWGHS)

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