Joint Working Group on Energy

Joint Working Group on Energy

The overall objective of the Joint Working Group on Energy (JEWG) is to promote sustainable exploitation, production, transmission and use of energy in the Barents Region. To a large extent, the JEWG serves as a catalyst for new activities. A wide variety of activities are being carried out, either directly or indirectly related to the JEWG’s efforts. The main responsibility for implementation lies with regional and national governments, energy utilities, investors and other actors. Seven areas of special priority have been identified in the JEWG work plan:

  1. Promotion of the activities of the Barents Energy Focal Points, i.e. Kola Energy Efficiency Centre (KEEC), Murmansk Oblast Energy Efficiency Centre (MOEEC), Arkhangelsk Oblast Energy Efficiency Centre (AOEEC), Karelia Energy Efficiency Centre (KREEC).

  2. Further development, implementation and maintenance of the Barents information and communication concept, i.e. the network of energy experts.

  3. Improvements in the efficiency of energy production, distribution and consumption in the Barents Region.

  4. Project financing: Development of financing instruments by financial institutions and the development of an investment framework by the Russian Partners.

  5. Promotion of the use of bioenergy in northwest Russia,  which will give both environmental and economic benefits.

  6. Further work on the use of Joint Implementation and the other Kyoto mechanisms.

  7. Co-ordination with other relevant initiatives.


Mr. Johan Vetlesen
Deputy Director General
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
Tel: + 47 22246305

Mr. Sergei Dementei,
Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing of Arkhangelsk Region
Tel: +7 8182 28 84 29 

Mr. Vladimir Gnoevsky
Minister of Energy and Housing of Murmansk Region
Tel: +7 8152 486730 

Mr. Nikolay Gerasimov
Deputy Head of the Government of the Republic of Komi -
Minister of Investments, Industry and Transport
Tel.: +7 8212 240348

Mr. Björn Telenius
Ministry of Enterprise

Ms. Bodil Englund
County Administrative Board of Västerbotten
Tel: +46 102254513

Ms. Ylva Sardén
County Administration Board of Norrbotten
Tel: +46 102255425

Mr. Hannu Lipponen
Senior Adviser
Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Tel: +358 295063606, +358 504602304

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