The Joint Working Group on Culture

Cross-border regional cooperation in the field of culture is an integral part of the Barents cooperation. The development of cultural life serves the social and economic development in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

The aim of the Joint Working Group on Culture (JWGC) is to strengthen cultural identitiesmulticultural dialogue and cultural ties between the Barents countries and the regions. In addition to the regional cultural administrations, the JWGC has representation from the Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish ministries responsible for culture and from the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples.

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JWGC in Umeå, October 2019

The latest Strategy of Cultural Cooperation "Creative Barents" (2019-2023) takes into account wide possibilities to enhance cultural policy dialogue and practical cooperation. The overall mission is to promote the role of culture in meeting the overall objective of the Barents Programme on social and economic growth trough a knowledge driven economy and the sustainable development of the region's natural and human resources. Thematic priorities and objectives of the Barents cultural cooperation are culture and sustainable development; cultural exchange, intercultural dialogue and diversity; conditions for and access to creativity; cultural and creative industries, innovation and tourism; and cooperation.

JWGC established Barents Scholarship for Cultural Cooperation in 2016. The first Scholarhip Award Ceremony was held in Arkhangelsk, Russia, in 2017. The second one was held in October 2019 in Umeå, Sweden. More information here.


Previous programmes:

Cultural Cooperation in the Barents Region (2014-2018)

New Horizons in the Barents Region (2011-2013)

New Winds in the Barents Region (2008-2010)

Voices in the Barents Region (2003-2006)


Video of JWGC meeting in Vadsø, April 2019



Mr. Sverre Miøen (co-chair) 
Senior adviser
Ministry of Culture 
Tel: +47 22248013 

Kirsti Riesto
Senior Adviser
Troms and Finnmark County Council
Tel: +47 41546644

Ms. Stine Qvigstad Jenvin
Director of Culture, environment and public health
Nordland County Council
Tel: +47 +4775650722

Eirin B Gjelsås,
Head of Section
Troms and Finnmark County Council
Tel: +47 41542840


Ms. Maija Lummepuro
Counsellor for Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Education and Culture

Tel: +358 295330198, +358 400800218

Ms. Arja-Liisa (Alla) Räisänen
Special Advisor
Arts Promotion Centre Finland 
Tel. +358 295 330 722

Ms. Minna Komulainen
Regional planner
Regional Council of Kainuu
Tel: +358 44 4100 726

Mr.  Antti Huntus
Special Advisor
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Tel: +358 295 330 810

Ms. Auli  Suorsa
Regional planner
Council of Oulu Region
Tel: +358 503868443

Ms. Hanna Susitaival
Special Advisor
Arts Promotion Centre, Joensuu
Tel: +358 295330910


Maria Sveshnikova
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Tel: +7 495 629 10 10, ext. 1552 

Ms. Natalia Baksheeva
Minister of Culture of the Arkhangelsk Region
Tel: +7 8182 286369

Mr. Alexey Lesonen 
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Karelia
Tel: +7 8142 785507

Mr. Konstantin Baranov
Vice-Minister of Culture, Tourism and Archiving of the Republic of Komi 
Tel: +7 8212 255480

Ms. Olga Obukhova 
Minister of Culture of the Murmansk Region
Tel: +7 8152 486319


Mr. Joakim Sandberg (co-chair)
Head of Cultural Affairs
Region Västerbotten 
Tel: +46 73 807 5790 

Mr. Manochehr Endalib
Swedish Ministry of Culture

Ms. Kristina Nilsson
Region Norrbotten
Tel: +46 705730881

Ms. Pia Brinkfeldt  
Region Västerbotten 
Tel: +46 705165745 

Representative of Indigenous Peoples Working Group (WGIP)

Ms. Alexandra Fomina
Member of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples 
Tel: +7 9116717621




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