Planning and Evaluation Working Group

The Planning and Evaluation Working Group (PEWG) is a sub group to the Joint Committee on Cooperation within the Field of Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (JCRC).

PEWG should represent the Joint Committee in a planning process for main events, such as the Barents Rescue exercises, and report to the JC.


Link to PEWG Terms of Reference

PEWG contacts: 

Vladimir Kazakov
EMERCOM of Russia, Murmansk region 
Tel. + 7 9211718403 
Hannu Rantanen
Senior specialist
Tel. +358 505215311
Anders Gundersen
Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency
Tel. +47 33412734, +47 93093093
Tord Wahlbeck
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Tel. +46 10 2404160
Ulrica Fjällman
County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
Tel. + 46 102255282, + 46 702888551

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