Barents Rescue 2019

Barents Rescue 2019

This page contains links to documents, presentations and information material related to the Barents Rescue 2019 (BR-19) exercise, which will take place in Norrbotten, Sweden in September 2019. 

The biennal Barents Rescue is a multi-lateral crisis management exercise under the framework of the Barents cooperation. During the exercise, national, regional and local actors focus on the handling of natural disasters, major accidents and others emergencies in the Barents region. The main organizer for the exercise in 2019 is the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap/MSB). The MSB infopage for BR-19 can be found via this link >>  

Final Planning Conference, Kiruna, May 2019

Information material: 

Representatives from press and media can use this link for registration to the press programme on 25 September. Please note the registration deadline - 12 September - and that only a limited number of participants can take part in the programme. 

Presentations from Initial Planning Conference (IPC), May 2018: 

Presentations from Main Planning Conference, December 2018: 

Presentations from Final Planning Conference, May 2019: 


Project funding in Barents

The IBS has gathered information for all Barents relevant funding sources - more information below!

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Internship at the IBS

Interested in internship at the International Barents Secretariat? Click below for more information!

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