AB-Waste Project

Russian-Finnish Workshop on Best Available Technologies in Waste Management


Moscow, Embassy of Finland

Workshop on Best Available Technologies in Waste Management, held on 23 November 2017 at the Embassy of Finland in Moscow, became a kick-off event of the Russian-Finnish AB-Waste project. The project is managed by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE in cooperation with the All Russian Research Institute VNII Ecology.

The workshop brought together 40 experts on waste issues from the Russian Federal level institutions, Russian Barents regions (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Komi and Murmansk), Finnish governmental organizations along with Finnish companies providing solutions on waste management.

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Russian experts presented the recently reformed environmental legislation on waste management with the focus on BAT, and discussed the challenges that regions are facing when introducing the new requirements. Presentation of the Finnish national waste management planning followed by the insight from the regional ELY Center highlighted implementation of the EU legislation in Finland. The Finnish companies presented their solutions on various waste management issues, including waste sorting, recycling and incineration for energy purposes.

The event is one of the Support Activities, initiated by the WGE Subgroup on Hot Spots Exclusion in order to enhance competence of Barents regional authorities and environmental Hot Spots’ owners.

The AB-Waste project will continue in 2018 with a study-tour for the Russian Barents-region waste experts to Finland for sharing information and good practices in concrete waste recovery and treatment facilities.

 More about the AB-Waste project

Agenda of the Workshop EN | RU

Memo of the Workshop EN


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Best Available Technologies in Waste Management RU
NCM “WASTE” Project in Karelia RU
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Lassila&Tikanoja RU
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Other events within the AB-Waste Project:

14 June 2018: Seminar in Petrozavodsk. Waste Management and Circular Economy
17-21 September 2018: Study tour to Finland
5 November 2018: Seminar in Helsinki. Waste Management in Small Communities in the Arctic and Barents Regions

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