Cleaner Production and Environmentally Sound Consumption

Working Group on Environment (WGE)

Subgroup on Cleaner Production and Environmentally Sound Consumption (CPESC)

The main environmental challenges in the Barents region are connected to increasing economic activities and use of natural resources.  Hazardous substances from waste and industry pose a threat to human health and wildlife in the North. CPESC focuses on promoting cleaner production, best environmental practices and sustainable consumption. The group collaborates with the Subgroup on Hot Spots Exclusion in issues concerning improvements at the Barents Environmental Hot Spots.

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Contacts of the subgroup

Past events and projects

June 2015: Final report of the Clean Production Education Project published. Read more about the project.

May 2013: Publication of the report Overview of a selection of facilities for treatment and destruction of organic hazardous waste in the Barents and Baltic Sea region countries: English version and Russian version

April 2013: An international conference on Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region. Conference publication in English and
in Russian. Report on best environmental practices in
the mining sector (English, Finnish, Russian) can be downloaded from the Finnish Environment Institute's web site


Project funding in Barents

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