Barents Partnership Meetings

Barents Industrial Partnership meetings

The Barents Industrial Partnership meetings have three main objectives:

  • to strengthen growth and economic diversity in the Barents Region, particularly by stimulating major companies’ involvement with the SME sector;
  • to promote crossborder economic activity, like trade and investment, joint production, marketing, research and development between competent companies of all sizes;
  • to ensure favourable business conditions, identify and remove barriers to trade and investment through improved dialogue between business and government at all levels: local, regional and central/federal.

The economic sector is crucial in the effort to further advance co-operation in the Barents Region. The Barents Industrial Partnership meetings provide excellent insight into the opportunities and challenges facing major industrial sectors, and the very important role played by large companies in promoting economic growth in the Region. Such growth must also be sustainable in an environmental and social context. Well-functioning east-west communication and transport in the Barents Region are of great importance in order for industrial co-operation to flourish.

The Barents Region is exceptionally rich in natural resources, including petroleum, metals and forests. The Barents Council, and its working groups for economic co-operation, on the elimination of trade barriers, on energy, transport and environment, and the Barents Regional Council, including the “Barents 2010” project under its auspices, provide important arenas for interaction.

Industrial partnership meetings intend to establish a strengthened partnership between central and regional authorities and key economic actors, and to promote the SME and service sectors of the economy, encourage political and administrative decisions in favour of new investment and infrastructure, and the elimination of barriers to trade and investment.

Meetings and documents

These meetings are a joint initiative by the chairmanships of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and the Barents Regional Council.

  • The 8th Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held in Haparanda 15 June 2011. The main topics of two sessions were: "Investment in the Barents Region" and "Ensuring the supply for qualified personel/Labour market". Invitation in English and presentations
  • The 6th Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held in Saariselkä on 18-19 April 2007. The theme of meeting was "Experiences in cross border financing - focusing on the needs of SMEs in the Barents region".  Documents and more information from the WGEC web.
  • The fifth Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held in Rovaniemi on 28-29 March 2006. More information. Foreign Minister Tuomioja’s speech in Englishin RussianGovernor Pokka’s speech .
  • The fourth Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held in St. Petersburg on 14 June 2005 in the form of a roundtable within the framework of the 9th Petersburg International Economic Forum 14 - 16 June 2005. Recommendations of the roundtableIn Russian.
  • The third Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held in Oslo, Norway on 15 March 2005 and was opened by Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Børge Brende and the Governor of Vasterbotten, Mr. Lorentz Andersson.  Invitation and programmeList of participants.  Deputy foreign minister Traavik’s remarks.
  • The second Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia, on 5 October 2004. Conclusions.
  • The first Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting was held on 21 January 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden. Programme  and conclusions .


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