Customs Cooperation


Working Group on Customs Cooperation

(before June 17, 2008 Working Group onTrade Barriers, WGTB)

The Working Group on Customs Cooperation consists of customs experts from Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the European Commission.

A special Task Force on customs cooperation was launched by the BEAC CSO in 1999 specifically to work with issues concerning the removal of trade barriers between Russia and other countries of the Region. The Task Force II work has resulted in a large number of joint proposals to simplify Russian cross-border customs procedures. This has made customs clearance easier especially for commercial cross-border traffic at Russian borders. The customs cooperation has resulted in the awareness of the importance of improved customs procedures and the need for review of administrative regulations. In 2004 the Task Force was made a permanent working group.

The working group continues to focus on the customs cooperation through concrete proposals as well as long term information activities in order to increase natural understanding and co-operation. 

Main priorities in the present work plan are the following:

  1. Simplification and unification of customs procedures;
  2. Cooperation in cross-border issues;
  3. Improvement of customs information technologies;
  4. Support the legal supply chains;
  5. Promoting the information about BEAC Customs Administrations’ activities



Documents of the Working Group on Customs Cooperation's



Working Group on Customs Cooperation in the Barents Region

Ms. Cecile G. Alnæs
Norwegian Customs Authorities
Tel: +47 22 86 04 23 

Mr. Alexey Dyshlyuk
Head of Division, Customs Cooperation Department, Federal Customs Service of Russia
Tel: +7 495 449 73 98
Mobile: +7 985 998 48 31
Fax: +7 495 449 78 56

Mr. Eduard Strelchenko
Acting Head of the Customs cooperation Division, North-West Regional Customs Department

Mr. Vladislav Naumov
Acting Representative of Federal Customs Service in Finland

Mr. Aleksander Chumakov
Chief Editor, Director of Publishing House “Customs News”

Mr. Sergey Koudryavtsev
Head of the Division for cooperation with foreign trade operators and foreign investors, Public Relations Department, Federal Customs Service

Mr. Dmitriy Kotikov
Head of the Division for cooperation with mass media, Public Relations Department, Federal Customs Service

Mr. Pasi Toivanen
Senior Customs inspector, Finnish Customs

Mr. Dace Walkner
Economic, Trade and Agricultural Section, European Union Delegation of the European Commission to Russia


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