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News and Updates 2019
Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka Biosphere Candidate got its application granted and the area is now a new Biosphere Reserve within UNESCO´s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB).

The workshop arranged for training industry practitioners, regional environmental officers and BAT experts of the Murmansk region (SA No 1b-5) has become the final training event in a series of intensive workshops organised in the Barents region within the framework of Supporting Activities.

International Barents Secretariat has released a new video "This is IBS in Kirkenes, Norway", in which the staff of the IBS tells about their contribution on enhancing the work within Barents Cooperation.

An Intensive Practical Workshop “Environmental Hot Spots of the Barents region: Best Available Techniques, Best Environmental Practices, Integrated Environmental Permits and Environmental Performance Enhancement Programmes" was held in Arkhangelsk, 22-26 April 2019

Regional leaders are joining forces to highlight the Barents Cooperation on the international arenas. Tomas Hallberg, Head of the IBS will moderate the “Talking Barents” panel in the Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg

The seminar on Barents predators presents the similarities and differences in tackling the problem of large carnivores with aspirations for further cross-border discussions

In the opening speech at the Kirkenes Conference, the Norwegian Foreign Minister announced that both she and the Prime Minister will attend the Arctic forum to be held in St. Petersburg 9-10 April.

Valentin Strömberg started today as an intern at the IBS. How did you become interested in working at the International Barents Secretariat?

A great Barents friend, long term BEATA Steering Committee member (Chair 2015-2017) State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Sergey Aristov passed away on 30 December 2018 after serious illness at age of 63.

Marine litter and microplastics

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News and Updates 2018
The IBS is looking for a Climate, Environment and Hot Spots Adviser for 12 months - and an intern for 3 months!

The Barents Regional Youth Council (BRYC) held their annual meeting 16th-17th April in Luleå in Sweden.

Last week the Barents Youth Conference was successfully hosted in Luleå by the Swedish chairmanship.

For the next 3 months, Marianne Strøm will be interning at the International Barents Secretariat.

Stakeholders from the Barents region will meet in Luleå to invigorate the youth perspective in the development of our societies and the future of the Barents region.

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Project funding in Barents

The IBS has gathered information for all Barents relevant funding sources - more information below!

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Internship at the IBS

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